Tile Bonder is cement based and chemically modified polymer tile adhesive. It is a perfect alternative solution for tile fitting, in place of cement and silica sand. It contains 53 grade major brand cement, dried silica sand polymers and chemicals to give it unique properties. The product Tile Bonder prevents shrinkage, cracks and moving of tiles.

Tile bonder USPs :-

Useful for Tile on Tile Fitting.

Long Lasting Durability.

Excellent bonding.

Low shrinkage and cracks.

Ready to use and easy application.

Variant Application Possible.


Preparing the Surface:- Surface should be sheer and free from dust before application of gray mortar mix. It should be scrapped if found necessary.

Process of Mixing:- Add 6-7 Ltr water in 25 kg bag and mix as much quantity which can be used for 2-3 hours.

Application Method:- Spread Mixing Material and apply the limited paste which can be filled within 10-15 minutes.