improving the quality of structure and making it strong!

Keshava construction is the manufacturer and supplier of ready mix plaster,which is pre-mixed dry plaster.Ready mix plaster is a polymer base pre mix dry plaster.Ready mix plaster is fine quality wall plaster specially formulated to give superior finish and strengh to the interior and exterior surface.

Ready Mix Plaster USPs:-

SBR Premium Prevents drying and aging shrinkage cracks.

As plast is ready mix dry plaster,it takes just 1/3rd time start plastering process.

It is premix,so sand screening,re-handing of material are not required and it contains selective additives,so rebound loss is less.

Plast contains dust proof sand which has been dried and clened and screened mechanically.

Plast is machine processed with material exaxtly measured as per required standard.

It is ready to use,so requires minimum possible time to start plastering process.

Plast is available on 50kg laminated bags which is easy to store at work site.


Preparing the surface:-Wet the surface area by spraying water and surface must be free from dust and stcikness etc...

Process of mixing:-Add 11 to 12 litres of water in 50 kg bag and mix the material. Rebound loss material should be used after adding appropriate qualityof water.

Application method:-Apply water mixed material on wet surface and the thickness of plaster between 8 to 12 mm on single application.